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Hydrauflush International B.V. is a company that focuses on maintenance and repair of hydraulic installations on ships, cranes, dredging and industrial installations.

We can revise hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders and aggregates in our workshop. The revised units are tested on our own 400 kW test bench.

Furthermore, we can flush entire hydraulic installations – on site, if needed – with our own 20ft. flushing container.
We also have two 10 ft. offshore containers which we use as hose containers. These allow us to customise the hoses on site, which minimises downtime for your installation.
Our 10 ft. high press container lets us pressurise hoses and pipelines up to 1,790 bar and certify them on site.

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    Hydrauflush was called for a flushing job on the Oleg Strashnov. This had to be done immediately because the vessel had to leave the next morning.

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    ISO 9001 : 2015

    Hydrauflush International B.V. is certified for the transition from the ISO 9001-2008 to the ISO 9001-2015 standard!

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    Centrica - J6A

    Our Service Engineers have conducted a project at the J6A Platform Centrica to J6A Kenz crane. All Hydraulic hoses are renewed, assembled and pressure...

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    HMB - Lena

    Our Hydraulic specialist engineer has been to Brazil and Argentina for overhauling the pumps and motors from the cranes on board off the...

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