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Repairs are carried out in Hydrauflush International’s own workshop by experienced engineers. We have a test bench for hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, cylinders and valves. This allows us to keep the lead time for repairs as short as possible, which also minimises downtime for your installation.

Hydrauflush International uses only original Bosch Rexroth components for its revisions.  The repaired components are delivered with testing certificates included.

 Before overhaul                                                                     After overhaul 

Before overhaul                                                                      After overhaul

Besides repairs for pumps and motors which are still available, Hydrauflush International can also assist you with the overhaul of units that are no longer available. Original components for these units can usually still be found and overhauling is often cheaper and faster than the conversion to a new type of pump or motor.

In addition to the overhaul of pumps and motors, Hydrauflush International is also your ideal partner for the overhauling of hydraulic cylinders, aggregates, accumulators, manifold blocks and proportional valves.


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